CryptFolio API Build Status

Please, feel free to make any contributions you feel will make this documentation better. You can submit pull requests to the GitHub repository, and they will be published to the API documentation.

Request format

Do not request an endpoint more than once per five seconds or you may be automatically blocked. (Different pricing plans have different limits.)

API versioning

At some point in the future, we will push out a stable v1 of this API which you can use to build long-term applications. At any time, you can use the latest version to access new features, however this API may change at any time.

Version Description Example Label
latest The latest version of the API. The fields and availability of this API can change without notice. /api/currencies latest
v1 Stable as at TODO (not released yet) /api/v1/currencies v1
v2 Stable as at TODO (not released yet) /api/v2/currencies v2

Asynchronous endpoints async

Some of these endpoints are asynchronous - for example, endpoints where a balance or value has to be downloaded or generated. In this case, your request will receive an error status of “Not ready”, and you should try again later.

For example:

GET /api/portfolios/1/addresses/1/balances
503 Service Unavailable

  "success": false,
  "time": 1512697998,
  "message": "Not ready"

Make sure that you implement an exponential backoff between successive requests (e.g. 2^n seconds between requests) to prevent getting automatically blocked.

coming soon An additional try_again_at field will be provided with failed asynchronous requests.